Clove (kirampu in Siddha Medicine) is one of the commonly used herbals in Siddha Medicine.  India produces 1,100 metric tons of cloves annually; among them, 1,000 metric tons are produced in Tamil Nadu every year. The speciality is, 750 metric tons of cloves are produced in the Kanyakumari district alone. Due to the moderate temperature prevailing in Kanyakumari district, the fragrances in the cloves evaporate in small quantities, thus making it possible to obtain concentrated essential oils. So, the high-quality clove obtained from the Kanyakumari district has its own medicinal importance. Hence, Kanyakumari clove got its Geographical Indication Tag during October 2012, by the Geographical Indication Registry under the Department of Industry Promotion and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry. 

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