The Siddha Covid care centre (CCC) established in the Yadava Women’s College in Madurai received a good response from the people in the city. Around 300 out of the 400 patients admitted here have been treated and successfully discharged.

After the DMK government assumed charge, some of the major colleges in the city, American College and Yadava College, were selected to set up siddha-based CCC for patients with mild symptoms.

Fourteen days after it was started, the CCC in the Yadava college has successfully treated just over 300 patients. The referral rate or the number of patients who had to be shifted to hospitals for medical attention after coming here was just 2%, doctors said.

Dr Latha Rani, the siddha medical officer of the Valayankulam PHC, who was in charge of this centre along with Dr Nalini, the siddha medical officer of the Pothumbu government rural dispensary, said that the CCC was a different experience for them too. “We started the day with asanas and yoga sessions and then the evenings were like community gatherings where the patients were allowed to display their individual talents or talk about a topic they liked,” she said. They were guided by the district siddha medical officer, Dr Mariappan.