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For ordinary fever

fever.jpgGround 20 gms. of pepper frying in mud pot to become red color and add 200 ml. water, boil down to 100 ml. Filter it. 2 spoons of this mixed with little sugar can be given in morning and evening to cure this fever in just 2 days.

To cure fever

spoon of zeera, pepper, ginger with handful of kariveppilai should be ground well. Small quantity (2 small balls of 10 gm) of this can be had with water morning and evening to cure all kinds of fever.


At the beginning of fever, it can be cured by pepper syrup. 3 spoons of pepper fried in mud pot and boiled with 2 glasses of water filtered and can be drank after adding little sugar. of this can be had per time. Repeat  for 3 days to cure all kinds of fever.

Fever with chills

To cure shivering fever, pepper with palm jaggery boiled in a glass of water reduced to glass can be had.

To cure all kinds of fever

To cure fever due to all kinds of reasons, equal amount of centella asiatica  (வல்லாரை) leaves, pepper, Basil leaves ground semi-solid  and rolled into tablets, should be dried in shade and can be given with warm water.

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Natural treatment for chest cold, fever and cough

cough.jpgJuice of Oregano (கற்பூரவள்ளி) leaves in small quantity mixed with sugar given to children will cure cold related fevers and cough. For dry cough Thippili can be dried and powdered and can be given with honey for good results. This can be followed by all.

150 gms. of onion sliced and ground with water should be filtered with fine cloth. This onion juice mixed with 150 gms. of sugar and boiled to make syrup; a spoonful of this onion syrup can be given every day will cure all kinds of cough.

Cough caused by heat is called dry cough. To cure this kind of cough, powder of zeera, ; spoon mixed in warm water and with honey can be taken for speedy recovery from cough.

Continuous cough

To cure continuous cough 10 gms. of சிற்றரத்தை (சிற்றரத்தை) broken into pieces and boiled with 1 glass of water reduced to ; a glass and of this 2 spoons and 1 spoon of ginger juice mixed can be given.

For Wheezing

Equal quantities of juices of ginger, onion and lemon mixed and can be given a spoonful a time. 1 time for 3 days will cure this cough.

For persisting cough, 2 times a day can be given.

Chest cold cough

Small amount of Ocimum americanum; (நாய் துளசி) can be given to cure this cough. If continuously taken, improves health.

Dry cough

To cure dry cough ; spoon of broken pepper boiled with 1 tumbler of cow’s milk filtered can be taken with little amount of palm sugar candy mixed before going to bed. Repeating for 3 days will cure the cough.

Cough due to body heat

This medicine cures only cough due to body heat. Mix pepper powder, palm jaggery and can be taken in small quantity for two days to cure this cough due to body heat.

For any kind of cough

Generally zeera cures all kinds of cough. Cleaned 10 gms. of zeera fried and powdered and added with some amount of sugar candy powder can be given ; spoonful in ;morning and evening with warm water for 5 days.

For Whooping Cough

To cure whooping cough skinned white garlic fried in ghee and 2 gms. can be given with rice.

Cough due to cold

Warm up a mud pot on fire. Fry 2 spoonful pepper in this, when pepper becomes red, pour 1 tumbler of water, close and let it boil. Take ; of that mix with sugar and can be had in the morning. The rest may be kept with pepper can be had in the evening.

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Oregano (கற்பூரவள்ளி) Medicine for TB (Asthma)

oregamo.jpgOregano is an antiseptic. It can be used to cure many more diseases. Juice of Oregano leaves mixed with palm sugar candy given to children will cure cough.

These days TB (asthma) infects all age groups of people from children to elders. Those affected by asthma will have wheezing and cough. They can be cured by taking daily juice of Oregano leaves in the morning mixed with little palm sugar candy or honey.

Smokers suffer from lung diseases. The same develops into cancer. To get relief from this juice of Oregano boiled to half of original quantity and filtered can be taken. To get relief from asthma Oregano is the best medicine. Effects of asthma will decrease by taking juice of Oregano leaves mixed with honey.