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6/10/2015 5:28 PM

Berberis Aristata(மரமஞ்சள்) wax

berbaris.jpgBerberis aristata(மரமஞ்சள்)wax is made by boiling 1 part ofberberis aristata(மரமஞ்சள்) with 16 parts of water filtered and again heated to bring it to wax stage and dried in sun.

1. Pieces of berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்) boiled in water filtered and 2 ounces can be given to drink to protect tetanus virus caused by wounds and cut wounds.

2. To cure skin diseases, 5 gms. berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்) boiled in 100 ml. of water filtered can be given in the morning and evening. This cures blood and skin diseases and makes skin soft and shiny.

3. By drinking tea made from berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்), poisonous toxins of monkey, dog, cat, reptile and lizard are cured.

4. Powder of berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்) mixed with coconut oil applied on wounds and blisters on skins will cure them.

5. Powder of berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்) mixed and boiled and used for bathing reduces body pain, muscle pain, etc.

6. 5 gms. of berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்) powder mixed with honey taken twice daily will cure excess bleeding and white discharge.

7. Blood piles can be cured by taking 5 gms. of berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்) powder mixed with honey.

8. Jaundice can be cured by taking berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்) mixed with honey for few days.

9. Sugar patients can have berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்) powder boiled in hot water and filtered as a supportive medicine to their main medicines.

10. Berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்) powder pasted with cow’s milk and can be applied on face for an hour. After washing pimples, dark spots and fine hair will have disappeared.

11. Berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்) wax mixed with ghee and alum (படிகாரம் ) can be applied on eyes like eyetex will cure redness and dirtiness of eyes.

12. Powdered berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்) wax mixed with honey in small size given to children internally will cure stomach disorders.

13. 1 part of berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்) wax dissolved in 30 parts of water can be used to wash anus regularly will shrink and cure piles. Along with this berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்தூள்) wax powder mixed with butter should be taken twice a day.

14. When pain occurs in urinary track 5 gms. of berberis aristata (மரமஞ்சள்) wax with 1 spoonful of dry gooseberry powder boiled in 1 glass of water can be taken to cure urinary track blockage, swelling and pain.