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Siddha treatment to grow hair

hairlossworry.jpgTo stop hair fall

Handful of neem leaves boiled in water used to wash hair next day will stop hair fall.

By mixing powder of Gallnut(கடுக்காய்), terminalia belerica (தான்றிக்காய் ) gooseberry and after boiling, leave it overnight. It can be applied in the morning on head mixed with lemon juice; it will stop hair fall. Soaked fenugreek and Abresprecaterius (குன்றிமணி) powder in coconut oil for 1 week and can be applied daily to stop hair fall.

To grow hair in bald head

Baldness will disappear by using cleaned phyllanthus amaus கீழாநெல்லி) root boiled in coconut oil.

To darken early greyness

Early greyness will turn black by taking gooseberry regularly in food.

To darken hair

Grind together Hibiscus flower and tender root of banyan tree to make a powder, boil in coconut oil and kept for sometime can be applied on head to make hair black.

Powder of dry gooseberry boiled in coconut oil and filtered applied on hair will darken it.

To make Black and Shiny

20 gms. of Licorice boiled in 5 ml. of water cooled and kept in milk for 15 minutes can be applied on hair an hour before bath.

To turn gray hair Black

Ground equal quantity of leaves of lads love (மரிக்கொழுந்து) and (நிலாவரை) can be applied on head to change the color of hair.

To cure greyness

Dicoction of lotus flower taken continuously morning and evening will change greyness.

Take Amarnath once in a week continuously.

To grow hair

Ground Curry leaves boiled in coconut oil can be applied on head. Juice of carrot and lemon boiled in coconut oil can be applied on hair.

To grow hair where it has fallen

Pulp of nervalangkottai seed ground nicely with water can be applied to grow hair on the head where hair has fallen off.

To cure Tinea Captis

Navachar mixed with honey can be applied to stop hair fall in patches and cure Tinea Captis.

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Why hair fall occurs?

hair.jpg1. If bile increases in our body hair fall occurs.

2. Hair is damaged mainly because of drinking coffee and tea often drinking alcohol in large quantity, by having non-vegetarian food and by smoking.

3. Oily fried foods

4. Oily foods

5. Acidic foods

By eating the above often and in large quantity hair fall, greyness etc. occurs.

Taking chemical medicines hair fall occurs.

It is also caused by anemia caused by less amount of blood and by general weakness, by stress and by mental depression.

Anger also causes hair related problems.

Hair fall occurs due to advanced typhoid, dandruff and lice and also by hormonal imbalance.

By using chemical mixed shampoo and soaps often may cause hair fall, hair break, and hair turning red.

Aroma entails to grow long hair

Rosemary oil mixed in 100 gms. of oil and applied to hair makes hair to grow thick.

Costus oil 5 drops mixed with 100 gms. of coconut oilapplied to hair daily will remove dandruff and make hair grow thick.

Junifer Berry -5 drops

ylang ylang oil -7 drops

Sesame oil -100 ml

Castor oil -10 ml

All these mixed and massaged on head 6 hours before bathing will cure hair fall immediately.

Lavender oil -5 drops

lemon oil -5 drops

Rosemary oil -10 drops

tea tree oil -10 drops

coconut oil -100 ml

All mixed and applied on head will grow hair thick and black.

spikenard oil -8 drops

tea tree oil -8 drops

lemon grass oil -8 drops

lemon oil -8 drops

Cedarwood oil -8 drops

Seasame oil -20 ml

All these mixed and massaged before bathing twice a week will cure incurable dandruff.

Hair massage oils

1. coconut oil

2. Castor oil

3. Black Cumin oil

4. olive oil

5. gooseberry oil

6. Hibiscus oil

7. eclipta prostrata roxb.oil (கரிசலாங்கண்ணி)

8. alternanthera sessilis oil (பொன்னாங்கண்ணி)

9. Alovera

10. Churry fruit oil

The above oil should be taken in a broad pan and warmed by immersing in hot water.

Few notes for long hair

1. Water drained from the boiled rice (kanji) mixed with (Shikakai) powder and applied on hair before bath, twice a week will make hair grow thick.

2. Warm Olive oil applied for 6 hours before bathing will make hair grow thick and shiny.

3. For hair growth good health is very important.

Instead of using different hair oils it is better to eat healthy food for hair growth.

4. Kariveppilai in good quantity in food will make hair grow well.

5. Flower of Cactus (சப்பாத்திக் கள்ளி) ground nicely and boiled in coconut oil will make hair grow quick and will stop hair fall.

6. Juice of Hibiscus applied on bald places where hair has fallen from, will make hair to grow in these places.

7. 3 spoons of tea warmed in 1 lit. of coconut oil to make a lotion can be used daily to grow hair black and nice.

8. Neem flower warmed up in fire and crushed and applied on head will make hair grow in plenty.

9. Lotus leaves ground and juice taken and mixed with gingelly oil and boiled should be applied in bald places. The head will make hair grow black and nice in these places.

10.Henna leaves boiled and filtered in coconut oil and applied daily on hair will turn red hair to black.

11. Fenugreek made to paste with water applied ½ an hour before bath, will make hair grow and stop hair fall.

12. 1 spoon of ginger juice mixed with little honey and taken daily early morning will cure early greyness and bile.

13. Almond oil massaged on scalp for minimum 15 minutes everyday will increase hair growth.

14. Boil neem leaves in water and wash the hair with this water; hair will grow thick.

15. Taking lots of green vegetables, milk, fruits, sprouted grains, butter, wheat foods, soya beans, and cereals will help to grow more hair.

16. To grow hair, to avoid hair problems, it is better to use natural shampoos.

17. Wash and massage hair with gooseberry powder and Shikakai powder, hair will grow profusely.

18. Must do oil massage for the scalp.

19. Maha Bringaraj or gooseberry oil can be used to massage hair to grow plenty of hair.

20. If constipation occurs on body, body will become heated and thus bile will increase which will lead to hair fall. So it is important to prevent constipation.

21. Doing mild exercise daily will help to grow hair.

22. If taken greens soup, vegetable soup, carrot soup often hair will grow nicely.

23. If the scalp of hair is being massaged with coriander juice (made from coriander leaves) hair will grow black.

24. Hair can be massaged with coconut oil with little lemon juice mixed with hair will grow nicely.

25. Grind Anise seeds nicely and massage hair with this 3 times a week, hair will grow nicely.

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premature grey.jpgIn this modern age both male and female of 15 begin to have grey hair. But our ancestors up to 60 years had neither grey hair nor hair fall and lived with full hair. The reason for this is their food and living habits. Now-a-days people eat non-nutritious food for the sake of taste.

Eating oil fried foods, seasoned foods, frozen foods problems like indigestion causes increase in bile liquid which moves to the head as vapor and damages hair roots causing early greyness. To avoid this problem food habit must be changed. And greens with vegetables and fruits, fish etc. should be taken. To reduce bile natural foods are best.

Should avoid oil fried and frozen foods, weekly once oil bath should be taken. Should apply oil daily. Should not apply oil on wet hair. Best to use pure coconut oil daily.

Should take curry leaves daily in good quantity. Juice of leaves of mukia maderaspatana(முசுமுசுக்கை)  boiled with equal quantity of sesame oil can be used for oil bath.

To cure early greyness- herbal oil

coconut oil- 100 ml

zeera- 1 sp

sombu- ½ sp

small onion- 3

coriander- little

Dry gooseberry- 10 gms

Vettiver-5 gms

All these should be filtered and applied to cure early greyness.