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Siddha treatment to grow hair

hairlossworry.jpgTo stop hair fall

Handful of neem leaves boiled in water used to wash hair next day will stop hair fall.

By mixing powder of Gallnut(கடுக்காய்), terminalia belerica (தான்றிக்காய் ) gooseberry and after boiling, leave it overnight. It can be applied in the morning on head mixed with lemon juice; it will stop hair fall. Soaked fenugreek and Abresprecaterius (குன்றிமணி) powder in coconut oil for 1 week and can be applied daily to stop hair fall.

To grow hair in bald head

Baldness will disappear by using cleaned phyllanthus amaus கீழாநெல்லி) root boiled in coconut oil.

To darken early greyness

Early greyness will turn black by taking gooseberry regularly in food.

To darken hair

Grind together Hibiscus flower and tender root of banyan tree to make a powder, boil in coconut oil and kept for sometime can be applied on head to make hair black.

Powder of dry gooseberry boiled in coconut oil and filtered applied on hair will darken it.

To make Black and Shiny

20 gms. of Licorice boiled in 5 ml. of water cooled and kept in milk for 15 minutes can be applied on hair an hour before bath.

To turn gray hair Black

Ground equal quantity of leaves of lads love (மரிக்கொழுந்து) and (நிலாவரை) can be applied on head to change the color of hair.

To cure greyness

Dicoction of lotus flower taken continuously morning and evening will change greyness.

Take Amarnath once in a week continuously.

To grow hair

Ground Curry leaves boiled in coconut oil can be applied on head. Juice of carrot and lemon boiled in coconut oil can be applied on hair.

To grow hair where it has fallen

Pulp of nervalangkottai seed ground nicely with water can be applied to grow hair on the head where hair has fallen off.

To cure Tinea Captis

Navachar mixed with honey can be applied to stop hair fall in patches and cure Tinea Captis.


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