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kidney images.jpgKidneys remove excess water, salts and toxins from our body. By the deposit of acidic salts and minerals present in urine forms stones in kidney. These stones appear in kidney, urinary bladder and urinary track. These occur because of drinking less water, eating more non-vegetarian food, drinking cool drinks and by shortage of vitamin-A. And also stones appear by dehydration from body, diseases in kidney and for holding up urine for long time.


Pain from hip to lower stomach, pain up to thigh joints, nausea, vomiting and fever. Pain while urinating, burning sensation, urinary infection, excessive sweating and blood or pus passes out with urine.

Simple solutions in Siddha medicine

30 ml. of juice of aerva lanata (siru peelai leaves) leaves can be taken morning and evening.

Handful of pedalium murex (நெருஞ்சில்) with 1 sp. of coriander seeds, boiled with a glass of water reduced to glass can be taken. spoon zeera powder with warm water can be taken.

Ground equal quantity of cucumber seeds and sombu and spoon taken mixed in water.

Juice of leaves of Tribulus Terrestris (யானை நெரிஞ்சில் இலை) 1 tablespoon mixed with sugar can be taken.

Half handful of Basil with lemon boiled in 2 glasses of water reduced to glass can be taken.

1 part of horsegram (கொள்ளு) with 10 parts of water can be boiled and filtered water can be taken.

Powder of equal quantity of omam and pepper mixed with jaggery can be taken in small size

spoon of powder of creteva magna (மாவிலங்குப்பட்டை) mixed in 2 glass of water boiled to glass can be taken.

Handful of bermuda grass (அருகம்புல்) with 10 grains of pepper boiled with water and filtered can be taken.

glass of juice of Radish with spoon of lemon juice mixed with water can be taken.

1 gm. of Drumstick root powder can be had mixed with water.

spoon of powder of seeds of Pomegranate mixed with honey can be taken.

1 spoon of Basil leaves juice mixed with honey can be taken.

handful of Sarasaparilla (நன்னாரி) root boiled in water and filtered and mixed with spoon of powder of Ink Nut (Terminalia chebula கடுக்காய் can be taken.

spoon of powder of fenugreek can be taken with rose water.

handful of Bottle gourd twiner boiled in 2 glasses of water reduced to glass can be taken.

Rose petals and handful of hygrophylia auriculata (நீர்முள்ளி) boiled in 2 glass of water and reduced to glass can be taken.

To be taken:

Water melon, naval, banana, pine apple, lemon, papaya, carrot, Bottle Gourd, Sponge Gourd, Yellow Pumpkin, White Pumpkin, onion, cucumber, tender coconut and 2 to 3 litres water per day.

To be avoided:

Plumps, tomato, strawberry, potato, beans, cabbage, cashews, milk products, meat, fish and egg.


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