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6/3/2015 12:20 PM

Siddha Medicine to cure Pimples

ocimum.jpgThose medicinal properties found by siddhars in leaves help us even today. Ocimum Basilium (திருநீற்றுப் பச்சிலை) is an example.

Because oil of Ocimum Basilium  has power to remove pimples. It is not used in any other branch of medicine. But only in Siddha it is said to be excellent for pimples. Pimple treating cream (Pimple care) is made using oil of Ocimum Basilium herb and sold in the market. Pimple cure is of natural aroma without addition of any artificial aromatic compounds.

How to use this cream

Apply pimple cure on face after washing with warm water. Apply more on pimple affected places use it the morning, evening and before going to bed.


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