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Inhaling (smelling) treatment – Aromatic

aroma.jpgFlowers are in different colours. Of these few are aromatic. Few are anesthetic. By realizing this aromatic treatment emerged. Aromatic liquids derived from aromatic flowers are called essential oils. These oils have rare medicinal qualities. Like oils used in Ayurveda massage and bath these oils also have medicinal properties.

These oils are produced from the juices obtained from crushing different kinds of flowers. By making smoke from these oils, bacteria and viruses can be driven out of room; one feels fresh by inhaling this oil. By mixing in water of daily bath, body is not only cleaned but also gives a nice feeling.

This aromatic oil mixed with coconut oil applied on body makes skin shiny. To cure muscular pain, knee pain and cramps essential oil mixed with warm water can be sponged. Many beauticians use this aromatic oil to treat the customers. This also is called as aroma oil, essential oil, cosmetic oil etc. This aroma oil can be applied on feet of sugar patients to prevent problems in their feet.

This aroma oil is available in many medical shops. This oil is a good catalyst to avoid hair fall, early greyness, bile grayness and dandruff. Lice and itching on head can be avoided by using this oil on head regularly.

Many problems including skin problems can be cured

Lavender soothes body and mind, makes one happy with smell of jasmine. Lemon freshens is good for body because of vitamin C is available in that. Orange skin juice protects the body and prevents constipation. Different aromatic oils have different uses. These oils are available generally in all stores. You can buy required or favorite oil to do aroma therapy by ourselves.

All oils evaporate easily and create different ambience. Select required oil, take warm water in a broad vessel, drop few drops of aroma oil, mix it well, inhale nicely going near that or keep your feet in the vessel. Aroma of this flower and its property spreads from toe to feet to make you feel nice. This is because all our nerve ends are at our under feet. When mentally tried smell your favorite oil or rub on your ears which is full of sensitive nerves.


Aromatic oil can be used to massage mixed with any one of the vegetable oils like almond oil, coconut oil, sunflower oil etc. After rubbing oil vigourously on the head and have a bath after some time, it is a good habit. Keep your palm on your nose and apply oil where your fingers touch and again with a gap of 3 fingers gap. Same way oil should be applied on the back of the head also for good results.

Starting from centre of the forehead below and above eyebrows, fingers should press lightly. If time permits whole body can be massaged fully. To massage in the face, massage 10 times from upper jaw upwards; in the forehead 10 times in clockwise direction and 10 times anti-clockwise.

When massaging neck and back press with your palms. Close your fingers and press shoulder bones lightly.

Legs can be massaged rolling like squeezing the legs. Underfeet also should be generally massaged. Generally massaging towards heart alone is good. When massaging shoulders, do it downwards pressing with finger tip.

After massaging every part of the body, according to the method shake your hands and legs. When pressing on important centres of body, tension is relieved, blood circulation improves, body pain disappears.

The oil’s good smell and its properties act as good medicine for mind and body.

Aromatic News

Flowers are remembered when aroma is mentioned. This is nature’s big boon to flowers. How do we feel this aroma? In our body between nerves and brain, there is an exchange of information that goes on continuously. Nerves called satcons that are  situated at our nose feel and send it to neurons cell of our brain which make us feel the smell. Aromatic smell has the power to give freshness and enthusiasm. This power is called Vilvat. Natural smell is acceptable to all. Artificial smell may be allergic to many. Many develop headache because of this. The reason is artificial oils are made with a chemical called Eurobilds. This chemical is allergic to many. These people should avoid scent varieties.


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