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To Cure Burning sensation in Hand and Leg

burningsensation.jpgThere won’t be any woman who does not know about henna leaves. Henna tops the list of cosmetics forwomen.

Since there are lot of medicinal qualities in the Henna our ancestors accepted this as a cosmetic thing. In some houses they grow this in their garden and backyards. To decorate the brides and during festival seasons Indian women use this Henna.

In India there are a variety of big plants and small plants and all parts of this plant, flower, leaves, seeds, bark, and the root possess medicinal qualities.

It is known by the following names.

Tamil- Maruthonri

English- Henna

Sanskrit- Rakta garba

Malayalam- Mailanchi

Telugu- Goranti

Hindi- Mehandhi

Botanical name- Lawsonia inermis

To prevent burning sensation in hand and leg leaves of Henna ground and made to paste with water and mixed with lemon juice can be applied on hand and legs and under feet.
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Cardiospermum halicacabum (முடக்கொற்றான்) is the best medicine to cure Knee pain.

cardiospermum.jpgFor most people it is difficult to avoid this knee problem.

Knee pain in early age itself? That means you are overweight. You are obese for your age or will be doing a job where more weight is passed on your legs.

Or working in a place standing for a long time or lifting heavy weights. There are many reasons for this diseases.

Knee Pain

Many people have knee pain after a particular age due to erosion of bones.

Doctor’s medicines usually reduce pain for couple of days because they give only pain killers. These pain killers either remove the feeling of pain or benumb the pain. All these medicines only control the pain and give temporary relief, not a permanent one. Continuous usage of these pain killers may have dangerous side effect.

Some can bear pain and some cannot. It is painful to see them suffering from knee pain. The reason for this is deposition of fat protein etc. in the joints. To cure this painful knee excellent natural herb is available.

cardiospermum halicabcabun (முடக்கொற்றான்)

As the name mentioned in Tamil it means that it will block pains.

It is largely seen in villages, fields, lake bunds, around wells and a few watery places.

How to use

All parts of this herb can be used. cardiospermum halicabcabun(முடக்கொற்றான்) leaves and stem should be cut into fine pieces. Handful of that mixed with required quantity of ginger, garlic, pepper, zeera and small onion and boiled lightly in cooking oil. Two glasses of water should be added and cooked well. The mixture is filtered in small quantities. Use very small quantity in the beginning. A few may have diarrhea which is not harmful. If it is ok with you for a couple of days you can continue daily.

Not only aged people but all age groups having knee pain can be cured. Not only knee pain but also body, spinal cord, hand and leg pain can also be cured by cardiospermum halicabcabun (முடக்கொற்றான்).

You will really appreciate after using this.

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Siddha Medicines for Piles

Piles occur due to the following reasons. Not eating at proper times, controlling urine and bowels during intercourse, sitting on chair at work continuously etc. Because of these reasons heat at anus increases and piles occur. And by eating less fibrous food which causes constipation leads to piles. Also because of less intake of water, leads to tough and then to piles; excessive intercourse, excessive spicy food and excessive pressure given by women during delivery.

Siddhars have divided piles into 21 kinds. In Allopathy it is divided into 3. Externally also these three are visible to us.

Inner piles

Growth inside the mouth of anus.

External piles

The muscles in the mouth of anus grow outside.

Blood piles

Oozing of blood along with bowels.

Symptoms of piles

Constipation, pain in lower thigh and ankles, tiredness, burning sensation in anus, bleeding with bowls movement, palpitation, tired look etc. Besides bleeding by blood piles reduces body strength and leads to fainting.

To prevent piles

Variety of greens, variety of fruits should be added in the food daily. Should drink water frequently. Bowels must be cleared both in the morning and evening. When there is constipation no intercourse be done. Walking or mild exercise should be done daily. Castor oil, ghee, onion should be added in the food daily without fail. Yam should be taken often.

Simple herbal treatment for piles

1.Remove the stem of cissus quadrangularis (பிரண்டை) add ghee and heat and add tamarind and dhal and make a Tuvaiyal (Chutney) and eat twice a week, piles will be dissolved.

2.The leaves of abulitum indicum leaves (துத்தி) is the best medicine for piles. Cut 2 handful of thuthi leaves, add little turmeric powder, 10 small onions cut and add castor oil and heat, add pepper and salt; piles will be cured consuming this for 10 days.

3.A handful of abulitum indicum leaves (துத்தி) taken and heated with turmeric powder and castor oil paste should be applied on the anus and tied up in the night external piles will shrink (must tie daily).

4.Bring required amount of well grown acalypha indica (குப்பைமேனி) plant. Wash and clean with water, dry it in the sun. After drying the leaves, roots and stem, all should be powdered and kept. Taking ½ spoon of this powder, mixed with cow’s butter equal to a measurement of a lemon and taken both in the morning and evening for forty days all types of piles diseases will be cured.

While taking these medicines, hot foods, green chilies and chicken should not be taken. No intercourse. Pepper can be added.

Medicines to cure Acute constipation

Constipation itself a symptom for diseases. If you live without constipation you can live for 100 years without diseases. It is common for old people to get constipation. Digestive organs become weak in their body and hence food will not be digested easily. If they take medicines to loosen the bowels too this problem cannot be solved. Because of this, problems like knee pain, hip pain, headache will occur. For all these problems dry grapes is the best medicine.

Before going to bed drink milk boiled with raisins. This will cure constipation.

Also, by taking ground curry leaves with equal amount of pepper, zeera and dry ginger piles that occur in summer will be cured.