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Basil Leaves cure Kidney diseases and Ulcer

basil.jpgRam Tulasi (a type of Basil) has leaves stems of normal green colour. But has dark green and reddish blue stem. This expels gas produced in the stomach.

This controls the gas and the acid in the stomach. Basil can cure almost all stomach ailments like stomach pain indigestion and ulcer. Basil can cure pain that appears in the stomach not continuously but now and then.

Basil is the best medicine for asthma and wheezing caused by allergy and also prevents its spreading. Rheumatism is a kind of knee pain; can be effectively cured by Basil.

By drinking and applying Basil externally this treatment is done. By drinking Basil juice all kinds of fever is cured by increasing sweating thereby reducing body heat. Chest cold from throat to lungs is loosened and eliminated.

For a healthy body to function the internal organs should work perfectly. Basil activates all internal organs especially secreting glands.

This protects liver which is one of the important organs from poisonous food and makes it work perfectly. Basil protects the internal organs and their functioning. Basil seeds have medicinal qualities to cure reproductive and kidney diseases. Roots of Basil can cure Fever with Chills like Malaria,

In Ayurvedha medicine, Basil is recommended to cure chest cold, cough, fever, stomach and respiratory problems and also ulcers. Basil is recommended for the improvement of memory power.

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Siddha medicine for Asthma

asthma.jpgIt is important to follow strict food habits for asthma treatments. There are good medicines available in Siddha to control and completely cure asthma.

1.To prepare herbal tea which cures asthma, leaves of mukia maderaspatana (முசுமுசுக்கை) eclipta prostrata roxb. (கரிசலாங்கண்ணி) must be well boiled with brown sugar and filtered. To have this in the morning and evening is part of the treatment. This helps to expand respiratory tracks, avoid nose block and brings out chest cold.

Pepper kalp is prepared by using pepper juice of eclipta prostrata roxb. (கரிசலாங்கண்ணி), solanum trilobathum (தூதுவளை), Adathoda ½ sp if This Kalp paste mixed with honey should be taken both morning and evening before food.

Poorna Chandrodya Senthoora Vassathi Legiayam: This can be taken morning and evening mixed with honey to the size of an amla.

How many days Siddha medicine should be taken?

The afore said siddha medicine should be taken for 48 days continuously to get good results. But Siddha medicine should be taken for 1 year if asthma is severe and to improve immunization against these diseases in the body.

Hair oil for Giddiness

Nature boon is curry (Kariveppilai ) Leaves; helps to cure this completely.

Preparation method of Curry Leaves (Kariveppilai) Hair Oil

kariveppilai- 200 gms

green coriander- 50 gms

zeera- 50 gms

gingelly oil- 600 gms

milk- 200 ml.

Grind kariveppilai leaves after removing stems. Green coriander also ground well. Cleaned zeera should be soaked in 200 ml. of milk in mud pot every 6 hours and taken and ground well. Gingelly oil should be warmed in mud pot and kariveppilai paste should be added. After 5 minutes of warming green coriander should be added. After 5 minutes add zeera and filter it when it reaches lotion texture. Once in 4 days kariveppilai lotion can be used instead of sessame oil. During those days avoid foods that give cold effect to the body.

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Licorice (அதிமதுரம்) helps in Normal Delivery

licorice.jpgLicorice and grapes mixed and powdered in equal quantity and 100 gms mixed in water and milk given and given to women from day 1 of mensus for 5 days will help them to conceive.

If taken 3 months up to conceiving gives good results. To secrete more mother’s milk 1 gm. of Licorice mixed in milk and sweetened can be taken. This helps to secrete more milk and gives nutrition to children.

Licorice and zeera taken in equal quantity and powdered and 20 gms. of this boiled in 200 ml. of water reduced to 100 ml. and filtered can be taken in mornings for 3 days will stop excess bleeding before delivery.

Licorice and thevatharam powdered and taken 35 gms. each mixed with warm water can be given at the beginning of labor pain; twice will help normal delivery. This helps to cure related diseases and alleviates female infertility.