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sinus.jpgAir bag inside our nose is called Sinus. These air bags give security to our head, shape to our face and character to voice.

Mucus is produced in these and comes out through the nose. When this path is blocked breathing difficulty, pain in the air bags and viral contamination occurs.


Fever, tiredness, cough, nose block, heaviness of head and running nose occurs.

Simple treatment in Siddha

1. 15 ml. of Basil (Tulasi) juice mixed with honey can be taken.

2. 1 gram of Alpinia galanga (Alpinia galanga ) powder mixed with milk can be taken.

3.Powder of Adhatoda vasica (ஆடாதொடை) leaves and root, 2 handfuls should be boiled with 4 times water reduced to 1 part should be taken with honey.

4.Powder of poppy seeds mixed with ½ spoon of honey should be taken.

5.Handful of Solanum xanthro carpum (Kandangkathiri கண்டங்கத்திரி) with 4 parts of water boiled to 1 part can be taken.

6.Feenel (பெருஞ்சீரகம்), pepper powder, palm sugar candy powder mixed in equal amount and taken 1 spoon of this will help.

7.15 ml. juice of adathoda tranquebariensis (தவசு முருங்கை) can be taken.

8.Juice of Leucas aspera flower (தும்பை) 1 teaspoon mixed with sugar candy can be taken.

9. Half teaspoon of Solanum trilabatum (தூதுவளை) powder mixed with honey can be taken.

10.Powder of Anethum Sowa (சதகுப்பை) leaves mixed with equal amount of sugar can be taken about ½ spoonful.

11.Juice of 15 ml. Anisochilus carnosum (karpooravalli ) mixed with sugarcandy can be taken.

12.Dried thorny caper (ஆதண்டை) can be taken.

13.Equal quantity of Powdered Datura (ஊமத்தை) and dried ginger mixed with honey can be taken.

14.50 gms. of dried solanum nigrum (மணத்தக்காளி) soaked in 200 ml. hot water and filtered can be taken.

15.Powder of equal quantity of piper longum (Cloves) and palm sugar candy mixed in milk can be taken, about half teaspoonful.

16.Juice of 15 ml. of betel leaves (வெற்றிலை) mixed with ¼ spoonful pepper powder can be taken.

External Treatment:

1.Paste of (sukku) can be applied on forehead.

2.Make a paste of cloves with water and apply on forehead and on nose.

3.Sembai Flower (செம்பைப்பூ) boiled in oil, and oil can be applied on head.

4.Paste of indian lotus croton (சிறுதேக்கு), Terminalia chebula (Gallnut கடுக்காய்),Phylanthus Emblica (gooseberry நெல்லிக்காய்), Terminalia Belerica (தான்றிக்காய்) can be applied.

5.Lotion of Akirpattai (அகிற்பட்டை) can be applied on head.

6.Dry Ginger paste in mother’s milk can be applied on forehead and warmed.

To be Included

Honey, Pepper, Garlic, Egg, Chicken

To be avoided

Cold foods, air-conditioned room, banana, grapes, water melon and ice cream.

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hairfall.jpg1. Grind Curry Leaves (கறிவேப்பிலை), boil in coconut oil and rub this oil daily on scalp; hair will grow black and thick.

2. Carrot and lemon juice mixed in coconut oil and rubbed daily on scalp will help hair grow black.

3. To turn the grey hair into black rub the paste made with the leaves of Artemisia pallens (மரிக்கொழுந்து) and Hibiscus and take bath after sometime.

To prevent hair fall

1. If the powder of Fenugreek (வெந்தயம்) andabresprecaterius (Kundrimani /குன்றிமணி) is soaked in coconut oil and rubbed on scalp daily, hair fall stops.

2. Powder ofTerminalia chebula (Gallnutகடுக்காய்),Phylanthus Emblica (gooseberry நெல்லிக்காய்),Terminalia Belerica (தான்றிக்காய்),

mixed in water boiled overnight and using it in the morning with lemon juice and taking a bath after sometime will prevent hair fall completely.

To grow hair on the bald areas of the head

1. Soak Henna flower (Marudani மருதாணி) in coconut oil, dry in the sun and rub on the scalp daily; hair will begin growing on the bald head.

2. Break the seed of croton tiglium (நேர்வாளம்) grind with water and rub this on the scalp; hair will begin growing in the bald areas of the head.

3. Grind the root and leaves of phyllanthus amarus (கீழாநெல்லி) boil in coconut oil and rub on the scalp, hair begin growing on the bald head.

To clear lice, dandruff problems

1. Leaves of Hibiscus (செம்பரத்தை ) tucked in the hair daily while sleeping, this way lice and dandruff can be cleared.

2. Grind Melia dubia (மலை வேம்பு) and rub it on the scalp, this way lice and dandruff can be cleared.

3. Grind the leaves of ocimum Basilicum (Tulsi) and wrightia tinctoria (Tuthi/Palai துண்டம்பாலை) with milk rub this on the hair, take bath after sometime this way lice and dandruff will be cleared.

4. Dry and powder the seeds of custard apple (சீதாப் பழம்) mix with Shikakai and take bath after sometime this way lice will be cleared.

5. Water soaked in the wrightia tinctoria (Tuthi/Palaiதுண்டம்பாலை) and used while bathing will clear lice.

Turning grey hair to black:

1. Grind and make a paste of Murraya Koenigir (Curry Leaves கறிவேப்பிலை ) and take this daily empty stomach, within a month greyness will be cured.

2. Make a powder of 100gm of poppy seeds and 100 gm of glycyrrhiya glabral (அதிமதுரம்) and before taking bath mix this powder in cow’s milk and rub on the scalp, take bath after half an hour. If done regularly grey hair will turn black,

3. When Tamari flower (Lotus தாமரைப்பூ) syrup is taken both in the morning and evening grey hair will become black.

4. If rubbed regularly the powder of phylanthus Emblica (Amla நெல்லிக்காய்) (dried and powdered) mixed with oil, grey hair will turn black.

5. Amarnath (முளைக்கீரை) will help hair to become black. Take very often.

6. Ground Hibiscus flower, tender leaves and roots of banyan and boiled in coconut oil and applied on scalp will turn hair black.

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Siddha medicine to cure mucus, cold. Chest cold.

1. Neem with Basil Leaves ground together and applied on the forehead, will cure cold.

2. The leaves of salanum trilobatum (தூதுவளை) Adhatoda vasica (ஆடாதொடை), solanum-xantho carpum (கண்டங்கத்தரி ) together with Sukku (Dry Ginger), Milagu (Pepper), Long Pepper (thippili) made into syrup and mixed with honey and by consuming this prolonged mucus can also be dissolved.

3. To cure perpetual cold, chest cold mucus squeeze Black Basil leaves and its juice should be taken both in the morning and evening daily.

4. Consuming daily, the powder of leaves of Malabar Nut Adhatoda vasica (ஆடாதொடை) mixed with honey will cure cold and mucus will clear.

5. The powder of Ink Nut (Terminalia chebula கடுக்காய்) and phylanthus Emblica ( Indian gooseberry நெல்லி) mixed with honey should be consumed to clear cold and mucus.

6. Children finding difficulty in breathing due to cold: apply a little of coconut oil on the nose, breathing will become easy.

7. Withania somnifera (அமுக்கரா)powder should be given with milk in the night daily to clear mucus.

8. If solanum trilobatum (தூதுவளை) soup or Rasam is consumed, cold will be cleared.

9. Heat coconut oil with camphor (பச்சைக் கற்பூரம்)) and apply on the chest to clear chest cold.

10. Inhaling rose flower, blocked nose will clear.

11. cynodon dactylon (அருகம்புல்) juice is very good for cold.

12. Pomegranate juice and lemon juice and lemon juice consumed together will cure cold.

13. Heat the leaves of Anisochilus carnosus (கற்பூர வள்ளி) and apply the paste on the forehead to remove the water logged in the forehead.

Siddha treatment to cure fever

1. The dicoction of chiretta (நிலவேம்பு) will cure all types of fever.

2. To cure fever, dump bark of neem tree powdered and ¼ amount of zeera powder mixed in cow’s milk should be taken.

3. Acalypha indica(குப்பைமேனி) plant is powdered with Long pepper (thippili)and mixed with honey, consuming this willcure fever accompanied with cough and cold.

4. Keep ground ocimum Basilicum (துளஸி ) Bael, Neem leaves, sandal wood, Gallnut, pepper and Alpinia rutans(சிற்றரத்தை);whenever there is fever, 1 spoon of this powder mixed in hot water and taken in the morning and evening will cure fever.

5. If roasted neem leaves are kept under the bed also fever will be cured.

6. Juice made from the leaves of vallarai – uthamani with milagu whenconsumed will also cure fever.

Siddha treatment for cough and cold

1. Roast jeeragam, grind it and mix with sugar candy ; this cures cough.

2. Finely ground Ponnarai seeds (பொன்னாரை) mixed with cow’s milk and given to babies will curewhooping cough.

3. Consuming ripe ladies finger will cure prolonged cough.

4. To cure throat pain, powder of Dry Ginger,Pepper,Long Pepper take all the three in equal amount with honey daily 3 times.

Siddha treatment for wheezing

1. Evolvulus alsinoides (விஷ்ணுக்கிராந்தி) powder mixed with water and consumed will cure wheezing due to cold.

2. Taking the leaves of Eclipta prostrate roxb (கரிசிலாங்கண்ணி) made into powder and taken with rice thippili (அரிசி திப்பிலி) will cure wheezing due to mucus can be cured.