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Medicinal Benefits of Kutki (கடுகுரோகினி)

kutki.jpgKutki is used for fever. This grows in the Himalayas and comparable to Jenson herb available in the Alps range. Another name for this is Yellow Jenson.

Minerals from this is widely used in modern medicine. Jenson violet is an external medicine made from 1 variety of this herb. This herb has thick root similar to root vegetables. It is grown in 2700 to 4500 mts. Height in the Himalayas where it occurs naturally. It is available in Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. Leaves are small and long - like a knife.

Its leaves are in light blue color, fruits look like eggs or capsules. Its root has medicinal properties.

Note: To reduce of bitterness of Kutki it can be taken with pepper, asafetida and salt.

Medicine 1

8 gms. powder mixed in ½ liter and boiled to 1/8th liter and taken with sugar will cure constipation.

Medicine 2

18 gms. of Kutiki, Licorice, Neembark, cashew fruit and should be boiled in 1 liter of water.

Reduce to liter, 10 ml of this syrup taken daily both morning and evening will cure Jaundice.

Medicine 3

Each 4 gms. of Kutki, pepper, Citron, sandal wood, Cumin is boiled in 300 ml. of hot water and keep it closed. 30 to 60 ml. of filtered syrup can be taken 2 to 4 times a day. This will cure fever, fits, stomach pain and jaundice.

Medicinal Properties

Kutki is bitter in taste. It cures indigestion and constipation; taken excessively will cause diarrhea.

It is used to cure malaria.

Used for jaundice by eliminating bile juice. It is being used for a long time.

In Siddha, and Ayurvedic treatment it can cure hay fever, Fever, asthma, intestinal infections and skin related diseases.

In unani medicine it is used to remove stones in kidney.

To induce vomiting and in treating paralysis. It is used to increase eye sight.

It can cure body tiredness, indigestion and lack of hunger.

It is good for liver related diseases, nerve related diseases and jaundice.

Besides cleaning internal organs it acts as antiseptic as well.

Realizing the best properties of Kutki we use it with food, live without diseases and live better life.


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