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Siddha Medicine for Stomach pain during Pregnancy

pregnant.jpgMild pain during the early stages of conceiving can be cured by grinding lotus, sandal wood and Vilamichchai rootwith water and mixed and drinking it with boiled milk.

A strong decoction of Cumin seeds mixed with gooseberry size butter can be taken both morning and evening.

Pain during second month can be cured by taking Musk mallow and lotus flower ground and mixed with milk.

Pain and bleeding during fourth month can be cured by taking ghee, White Lotus flower ground with a Yam known as Sengazhu neerk kizangu and mixed with milk.

For 5th month ground Water Lilly flower and vilamichhai rootmixed with milk should be taken.

In 6th month pain around uterus can be cured by taking cashew fruit  Long pepper, with an yam known as Neytharkizhangu ground and taken with milk.

For pain in 7th month ground sandal wood vilamichchai root and Musk mallow mixed with boiled milk can be taken.

In 8th month to cure puffiness in stomach can be cured by taking ground lotus flower ghee. an yam know n as Tharkizhangu mixed with milk.

In 9th month ground barks of terminalia arjuna(மருதமரம்)and Pupil tree mixed with boiled milk can be taken.

For pain in 10th month ground Mahua (இலுப்பை)flower mixed with milk with little sugar can be taken. It will reduce pain; no need for food restrictions.

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Basil Leaves cure Kidney diseases and Ulcer

basil.jpgRam Tulasi (a type of Basil) has leaves stems of normal green colour. But has dark green and reddish blue stem. This expels gas produced in the stomach.

This controls the gas and the acid in the stomach. Basil can cure almost all stomach ailments like stomach pain indigestion and ulcer. Basil can cure pain that appears in the stomach not continuously but now and then.

Basil is the best medicine for asthma and wheezing caused by allergy and also prevents its spreading. Rheumatism is a kind of knee pain; can be effectively cured by Basil.

By drinking and applying Basil externally this treatment is done. By drinking Basil juice all kinds of fever is cured by increasing sweating thereby reducing body heat. Chest cold from throat to lungs is loosened and eliminated.

For a healthy body to function the internal organs should work perfectly. Basil activates all internal organs especially secreting glands.

This protects liver which is one of the important organs from poisonous food and makes it work perfectly. Basil protects the internal organs and their functioning. Basil seeds have medicinal qualities to cure reproductive and kidney diseases. Roots of Basil can cure Fever with Chills like Malaria,

In Ayurvedha medicine, Basil is recommended to cure chest cold, cough, fever, stomach and respiratory problems and also ulcers. Basil is recommended for the improvement of memory power.