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Siddha Medicines for Piles

Piles occur due to the following reasons. Not eating at proper times, controlling urine and bowels during intercourse, sitting on chair at work continuously etc. Because of these reasons heat at anus increases and piles occur. And by eating less fibrous food which causes constipation leads to piles. Also because of less intake of water, leads to tough and then to piles; excessive intercourse, excessive spicy food and excessive pressure given by women during delivery.

Siddhars have divided piles into 21 kinds. In Allopathy it is divided into 3. Externally also these three are visible to us.

Inner piles

Growth inside the mouth of anus.

External piles

The muscles in the mouth of anus grow outside.

Blood piles

Oozing of blood along with bowels.

Symptoms of piles

Constipation, pain in lower thigh and ankles, tiredness, burning sensation in anus, bleeding with bowls movement, palpitation, tired look etc. Besides bleeding by blood piles reduces body strength and leads to fainting.

To prevent piles

Variety of greens, variety of fruits should be added in the food daily. Should drink water frequently. Bowels must be cleared both in the morning and evening. When there is constipation no intercourse be done. Walking or mild exercise should be done daily. Castor oil, ghee, onion should be added in the food daily without fail. Yam should be taken often.

Simple herbal treatment for piles

1.Remove the stem of cissus quadrangularis (பிரண்டை) add ghee and heat and add tamarind and dhal and make a Tuvaiyal (Chutney) and eat twice a week, piles will be dissolved.

2.The leaves of abulitum indicum leaves (துத்தி) is the best medicine for piles. Cut 2 handful of thuthi leaves, add little turmeric powder, 10 small onions cut and add castor oil and heat, add pepper and salt; piles will be cured consuming this for 10 days.

3.A handful of abulitum indicum leaves (துத்தி) taken and heated with turmeric powder and castor oil paste should be applied on the anus and tied up in the night external piles will shrink (must tie daily).

4.Bring required amount of well grown acalypha indica (குப்பைமேனி) plant. Wash and clean with water, dry it in the sun. After drying the leaves, roots and stem, all should be powdered and kept. Taking ½ spoon of this powder, mixed with cow’s butter equal to a measurement of a lemon and taken both in the morning and evening for forty days all types of piles diseases will be cured.

While taking these medicines, hot foods, green chilies and chicken should not be taken. No intercourse. Pepper can be added.

Medicines to cure Acute constipation

Constipation itself a symptom for diseases. If you live without constipation you can live for 100 years without diseases. It is common for old people to get constipation. Digestive organs become weak in their body and hence food will not be digested easily. If they take medicines to loosen the bowels too this problem cannot be solved. Because of this, problems like knee pain, hip pain, headache will occur. For all these problems dry grapes is the best medicine.

Before going to bed drink milk boiled with raisins. This will cure constipation.

Also, by taking ground curry leaves with equal amount of pepper, zeera and dry ginger piles that occur in summer will be cured.

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Diseases and traditional medicines

siddha.jpgFor clarification we shall study some diseases and explore traditional medicinal that cure them. This will be useful to you.

Heat diseases

Many diseases occur due to increased heat and very cold conditions of the body. Additional body heat can be cured by the following treatments. Generally in natural medicine heat is reduced by cooling medicines and body coolness is cured by heating medicines like (taking buttermilk to reduce and steam inhalation for cold).

In summer swelling on the neck is called mumps. If neem leaves made into paste with turmeric and applied on swollen parts mumps will be cured fully. In the same way chicken pox is treated by rubbing neem leaves on body. After the boil subsides neem leaves and turmeric paste should be applied for complete cure.

Herpes is another disease that occurs in summer. Those affected will have small or big blisters all over the body. Paste of red sand is applied on these parts. This cures Herpes in one week because red paste draws water to reduce heat; unclean water is removed by red sand and the disease is cured.

Boils on the eye occur because of body heat. To cure this, mixed and ground with milk and applied on boils or applying saliva on boils or by rubbing your fingers and keeping the warm fingers on the boils will cure the boils. To reduce body heat villagers usually apply oil all over body, have oil bath, rub clay over body and bath for a long time in natural water sources.


Diarrhea can be stopped by taking warm water with salt, skin of pomegranate made into paste and taken or by taking tea with drops of lemon juice.


occurs by mucus becoming thicker and can be cured by taking a paste of garlic and packing it in a piece of cloth and heating it on a lamp (fire lamp) and juice taken by squeezing the cloth mixed with ginger juice. It can also be cured either by frying or cooking garlic and crushed to a paste and taken two or three days a week; also by taking leaves of bitter gaurd juice.


Cough can be cured taking ground ginger and salt and applying on the throat or by taking palm sugar candy and pepper.


Asafoetida, Mustard, Pepper Sweet Flag, Black Cumin Seeds, White Garlic ground and boiled can be taken to cure paralysis.


Piles can be cured by mixing the juice of coconut coir with children’s urine and applying on piles. Also can be cured by goat or cow’s fat pasted with cow’s milk and applied on piles.

Swelling on Leg

By applying mixture of Seasame oil and lemon juice warmed and applied on legs will reduce swelling.

Cooked raw rice powder can be packed and bandaged on legs can reduce swelling.


Till date traditional medicine has been the best for jaundice treatment. Jaundice can be cured by mixing paste of leaves of Phyllanthus Nururui (கிழாநெல்லி) (avoid roots) with cow’s milk and taken 3 times a day for 1 week.


Constipation can be cured by taking a mixture of Castor Root boiled in water mixed with cow’s milk and sugar and taken every morning with empty stomach. Taking juice of leaves and tender leaves of the same boiled in water will cure constipation.

Premature Graying

Early grayness is painful for youngsters. Increase of bile in the body causes early greyness. To cure this Amla Juice, Red Sandal, mimusops elengi (மகிழம்பூ) are mixed with coconut oil or seasame oil heated and applied on head. This will reduce bile and cure early greyness and will cool the eyes.

Secretion of Lactation in Mothers

Recently delivered women can follow these methods to secrete more mother’s milk. Leaves of jatropa (காட்டாமணக்கு) warmed and tied over breast or cucumber seeds ground and applied or seeds of Cucumber ground with cow’s milk and warmed can be taken.