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Siddha medicine for immediate cure of chest cold, mucus cough and nose block

ragi.jpgRagi is an excellent food used by Tamils as daily food even before whites came to India.

Different varieties of food made using ragi have medicinal properties.

Let us see how to cure chest cold, mucus cough and nose block, using ragi.

Ragi flour taken with sugar for two days will give relief immediately chest cold, mucus cough and nose block.

Moreover Ragi can be made into a paste and taken.

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6/1/2015 4:32 PM

Malabar Nut (ஆடாதொடை)

Malabar Nut.jpgMalabar Nut is a good medicine for good or beautiful voice. For more than 2000 years this herb has been used to cure chest cold problems. Ancient literature refers to this as an important herb. It grows 1400 meter above sea level in Himalayan range. Indian herbals refer as Aadathodai (ஆடாதொடை) as mentioned in Tamil.

This is a shrub which grows up to two meters high. Leaves grow up to 10 to 16 meter length.Fine hair like structure covers the leaves. It appears like sulam broad at the bottom with a narrow. Leaves are in light green color and dried leaves are in brown in cooler. Though smelling like tea they are very bitter in taste. Adhatoda leaves are medicine for heart and throat diseases and help to control chest cold. They are antiseptic in nature and its roots are used to treat STD diseases.

Flowers are used to treat, Jaundice, sore throat, dry cough are best treated by ஆடாதொடை continuous usage of this  gives good voice. Recent research has proved about which is obtained from Adhatoda has good qualities. Adhatoda which is alcoline removes blocks in the respiratory track. Strengthens uterus. Ancesterol mid-wife’s used this herb for smooth delivery of babies. It is equal to methergine like medicines. Adhatoda leaves are used to treat respiratory track diseases. Leaves rolled like cigarettes and smoke is good for asthma, helps to stop smoking. Adhatoda reduces cough, allergy and chest cold.

Syrup made of grapes. Adhatoda leaves dicoction mixed with ginger, black pepper and honey can be drunk to improvise respiratory system. Will stop cough and soothes throat. It also cures thick respiratory mucus and chest cold. And the list of Indian medicines and their manufacturing methods green and dried Adhatoda leaves are mentioned as controlling excess bleeding. Juice from dried leaves reduces pain. And juice from Adhatoda leaves heals swelling and wounds. Goats don’t eat these leaves.

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sinus.jpgAir bag inside our nose is called Sinus. These air bags give security to our head, shape to our face and character to voice.

Mucus is produced in these and comes out through the nose. When this path is blocked breathing difficulty, pain in the air bags and viral contamination occurs.


Fever, tiredness, cough, nose block, heaviness of head and running nose occurs.

Simple treatment in Siddha

1. 15 ml. of Basil (Tulasi) juice mixed with honey can be taken.

2. 1 gram of Alpinia galanga (Alpinia galanga ) powder mixed with milk can be taken.

3.Powder of Adhatoda vasica (ஆடாதொடை) leaves and root, 2 handfuls should be boiled with 4 times water reduced to 1 part should be taken with honey.

4.Powder of poppy seeds mixed with ½ spoon of honey should be taken.

5.Handful of Solanum xanthro carpum (Kandangkathiri கண்டங்கத்திரி) with 4 parts of water boiled to 1 part can be taken.

6.Feenel (பெருஞ்சீரகம்), pepper powder, palm sugar candy powder mixed in equal amount and taken 1 spoon of this will help.

7.15 ml. juice of adathoda tranquebariensis (தவசு முருங்கை) can be taken.

8.Juice of Leucas aspera flower (தும்பை) 1 teaspoon mixed with sugar candy can be taken.

9. Half teaspoon of Solanum trilabatum (தூதுவளை) powder mixed with honey can be taken.

10.Powder of Anethum Sowa (சதகுப்பை) leaves mixed with equal amount of sugar can be taken about ½ spoonful.

11.Juice of 15 ml. Anisochilus carnosum (karpooravalli ) mixed with sugarcandy can be taken.

12.Dried thorny caper (ஆதண்டை) can be taken.

13.Equal quantity of Powdered Datura (ஊமத்தை) and dried ginger mixed with honey can be taken.

14.50 gms. of dried solanum nigrum (மணத்தக்காளி) soaked in 200 ml. hot water and filtered can be taken.

15.Powder of equal quantity of piper longum (Cloves) and palm sugar candy mixed in milk can be taken, about half teaspoonful.

16.Juice of 15 ml. of betel leaves (வெற்றிலை) mixed with ¼ spoonful pepper powder can be taken.

External Treatment:

1.Paste of (sukku) can be applied on forehead.

2.Make a paste of cloves with water and apply on forehead and on nose.

3.Sembai Flower (செம்பைப்பூ) boiled in oil, and oil can be applied on head.

4.Paste of indian lotus croton (சிறுதேக்கு), Terminalia chebula (Gallnut கடுக்காய்),Phylanthus Emblica (gooseberry நெல்லிக்காய்), Terminalia Belerica (தான்றிக்காய்) can be applied.

5.Lotion of Akirpattai (அகிற்பட்டை) can be applied on head.

6.Dry Ginger paste in mother’s milk can be applied on forehead and warmed.

To be Included

Honey, Pepper, Garlic, Egg, Chicken

To be avoided

Cold foods, air-conditioned room, banana, grapes, water melon and ice cream.