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Cardiospermum halicacabum (முடக்கொற்றான்) is the best medicine to cure Knee pain.

cardiospermum.jpgFor most people it is difficult to avoid this knee problem.

Knee pain in early age itself? That means you are overweight. You are obese for your age or will be doing a job where more weight is passed on your legs.

Or working in a place standing for a long time or lifting heavy weights. There are many reasons for this diseases.

Knee Pain

Many people have knee pain after a particular age due to erosion of bones.

Doctor’s medicines usually reduce pain for couple of days because they give only pain killers. These pain killers either remove the feeling of pain or benumb the pain. All these medicines only control the pain and give temporary relief, not a permanent one. Continuous usage of these pain killers may have dangerous side effect.

Some can bear pain and some cannot. It is painful to see them suffering from knee pain. The reason for this is deposition of fat protein etc. in the joints. To cure this painful knee excellent natural herb is available.

cardiospermum halicabcabun (முடக்கொற்றான்)

As the name mentioned in Tamil it means that it will block pains.

It is largely seen in villages, fields, lake bunds, around wells and a few watery places.

How to use

All parts of this herb can be used. cardiospermum halicabcabun(முடக்கொற்றான்) leaves and stem should be cut into fine pieces. Handful of that mixed with required quantity of ginger, garlic, pepper, zeera and small onion and boiled lightly in cooking oil. Two glasses of water should be added and cooked well. The mixture is filtered in small quantities. Use very small quantity in the beginning. A few may have diarrhea which is not harmful. If it is ok with you for a couple of days you can continue daily.

Not only aged people but all age groups having knee pain can be cured. Not only knee pain but also body, spinal cord, hand and leg pain can also be cured by cardiospermum halicabcabun (முடக்கொற்றான்).

You will really appreciate after using this.

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Knee Pain

kneepain.jpgAs we get aged knee pain appears first. Knee pain is caused by damaged knee. Severe pain comes along with swelling of knees. Reason for this pain happens on women mostly after 55. As we get older, tender bones covering the tips of bones thins out. This problem happens when bones touch each other in this stage.

Important Reasons:

Hereditary over weight, setting cross leg for long time, not taking nutritious food and fracture.


1.Heavy pain in the morning and reduces as time passes.

2.Painful when walking and less pain when resting. Can hear a noise while moving the joints. Muscles around the joint are weak and stiff. Excess bone growth and cartilages. Joints swell and are hard.

Siddha treatments

1. Half teaspoon ofwithania somnifera(அமுக்கரா கிழங்கு) with honey can be taken.

2. Handful ofpavonia zeylanica(சிற்றாமுட்டி) dry ginger boiled in 4 tumblers of water reduced to 1 tumbler and 30 ml. of that can be taken.

3. 1 gm of powdered rosin (குங்கிலியம்) with milk can be taken.

4. Powder ofantirheumatic(வாதமடக்கி) and pepper in equal quantity and ½ spoon of that mixed with milk can be taken.

5. Powder of Cassia Alata (Senna/நிலாவாரை) 1 spoon, mixed with honey can be taken.

6. Take equal quantity of powdered Terminalia arjuna bark (மருதம்பட்டை) and creteva magna (மாவிலங்குப்பட்டை )and take ¼ spoonful mixed in water.

7. Take equal amount of siris Flolwers (வாகைப்பூ) and Neem Flowers (வேப்பம்பூ) - about ½ spoonful.

8. Take equal quantities of the root of cissus quadrangularis (Adament Creeper பிரண்டை), and cardiospermum halicacabum (முடக்கற்றான் இலை) and grind. Consume ½ spoon of this powder mixed in milk.

9. Take equal quantity of (சங்கன் sangan) and root, take ¼ spoonful mixed in milk.

10. Half handful of (Eeyakkozhundu ஈயக்கொழுந்து) is taken and boiled in two tumblers of water and reduced to ½ tumbler. The decoction after it cools.

External Treatment:

1. The leaves of Castor Plant (சிற்றாமணக்கு) can be heated with castor oil and can be used externally.

2. Dry ginger can be ground with lemon juice and applied.

3. Add little of calcium with Aealypha indica (குப்பைமேனி) leaves and grind and can be applied.

4. Tamarind leaves can be ground with water and applied.

5. Boil the seeds of Anethum Sawa (சதகுப்பை) then grind this with the its roots and applied.

6. Acorus Calamus (வசம்பு) together with the root ground and can be applied.

7. Onion along with Mustard Oil can be ground and applied.

8. The leaves of vitex negundo (நொச்சி) can be heated and sponging done.

9. The leaves of நிர்பிரம்பி can be heated with castor oil and applied.

10. Grind Fennel Seeds (கருஞ்சீரகம்) with water and apply.

11. The leaves of Datura Metel (ஊமத்தை) can be heated with castor oil and applied.

To be taken

Wheat, Green Peas, Barnyard Millet (குதிரைவாலி), Millet, Red samba, barley, ginger, country banana, milk and greens.

To be avoided

Ragi, root vegetables, coffee, tea, oil, raw banana and tamarind.