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5/29/2015 1:58 PM

piper.jpgWorms in intestine spread when immunity reduces in body and taking sweet foods. Worms enter through unclean food and water into the body.


Skin allergy, itching, burning sensation and fissures in anus, constipation or diahorrea, Lice, Nits and dandruff, mouth ulcer, itching in the nose, pale condition of cheeks and face, bad mouth odor, bad smell in defecated matter, white discharge and with worms.

Itching in the urinary track, piles, discharge of worms through piles and fissures in the rectum are caused by worms.

Moreover rashes or inflammation appears in thigh joints and stomach, mild fever, often vomiting, nausea etc. are caused by worms in the intestine.

Piper Mullesua (யானை திப்பிலி) known as fiber saba belonging to fiberacia family removes worms and gives strength and immune power by removing unwanted intestinal worms. Dried flower and stems are sold in traditional medical shops. Fiberin, Fiber lardin, Fiber lorings etc. betamyles are seen in this.

10 gm. powder boiled in 500 ml. water reduced to 100 ml. and filtered, taken in empty stomach early morning for seven days will remove intestinal worms.

To cure skin allergy, formation of white powder, itching in rectum, different intestinal diseases caused by worms, must be fried lightly and powdered taken with 1 gm. ofhoney for 3 to 7 days will remove intestinal worms.