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To Cure Male Infertility

male infertile.jpg 1. mimusops elengi (மகிழம்பூ) flowers boiled with water, mixed with 1 glass of milk will improve male fertility.

2. Coconut milk ½ glass can improve sperm-count.

3. Fruit and bark of Pupil tree fruit (அரசம்பழம்) powdered and mixed with milk can be taken.

4.Powdered withania somnifera (அமுக்கரா கிழங்கு) mixed with ghee and honey can be taken.

5. 1 full pomegranate fruit can be taken 3 hours before going to bed.

Increasing sperm count

1. Drumstick flowers boiled in water mixed with 1 oz of cow milk can be taken.

2. Paste of ghee, salt, pepper, alternanthera sessilis (பொன்னாங்கண்ணி) , besella (பசலைக் கீரை), amaranthus tricolour (அரைக்கீரை), nalamurungai நலமுருங்கை can be taken.

3. Glue of babul (கருவேலம்) cleaned, dried and fried powder can be taken to cure male infertility.

4. Pupil Tree Fruit powdered and 1 spoonful can be taken followed by 1 glass of milk to improve sperm count.

5. Cubeb pepper (வால் மிளகு) Walnut (வாதுமை பருப்பு) Sugar Candy (கற்கண்டு) poppy seeds taken in equal quantity, ground and warmed with ghee taken twice daily will improve sperm quantity.

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To improve sperm production for better sexual life

If sexual life with husband is not satisfactory given ground tender leaves of banyan tree with water, sexual life will improve in a few days. Fruits of banyan also good for the same. Leaves and vegetable of DrumStick (Murungai / Morunga pterygosperma) will increase male fertility and erection. Dry Hibiscus in the shade and powder it to take one spoon along with cow's milk to increase the sexual pleasure.

If honey mixed with milk taken daily before intercourse, gives better happiness in sex. Similarly, if Grapes taken regularly will increase sexual urge. Naval fruit will control sperm production. Those who have not conceived should totally avoid Naval. Kottaipakku will improve sexual duration and intensity.

To cure male infertility:

1.Taking Fig (Ficus Carica) daily will improve male infertility.

2. Black Cumin oil (Karunjeeragam) taken with betel leaf will improve male fertility.

3. Applying Black Cumin oil on male sexual organ will increase its size. 1 teaspoon each of honey, ginger juice and onion juice mixture taken daily in the morning will improve male fertility.

4. Powder of Black Cumin Seeds mixed with honey taken daily will completely cure male infertility.

To improve sperm count:

1. Powdered Lady's slipper (hybanthus enneaspermus / ஒரிதழ் தாமரை) mixed with equal amount of sugar taken daily will yield good results.

2. Taking Durian fruit (துரியன்) will improve sperm count.

3. Jack Fruit nuts dried and powdered taken with Sugar Candy will improve sperm count.

4. Powdered zeera with Bael powder mixed with ghee will improve sperm count.