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Apply the paste of turmeric powder mixed in coconut oil on the body. After some time

rub mung bean (Vigna radiata)paste and then wash.

The skin will look soft and shiny.

Rubon the face a slice of orange fruit, and allow it to stay put for 10 minutes.

Then it can be washed with soap. Using this daily will make face look shiny and


Toremove unwanted hair on the face, rub lemon juice. Following this routine daily

will reduce the hair growth and make face look beautiful.

Toreduce weight, obese people should take warm water with half of lemon fruit

juice mixed in half teaspoonful of honey.

Applyoil few minutes before cutting nails to get desired shape of nail.

Ifyou have oily hair apply lightly egg mixed with sugar and then wash the hair.

This will remove stickiness and will make hair look glossy and beautiful. Used

tea dust - after filtering tea - mixed with lemon juice and applied on hair

will make it look shiny.

Neemleaves, mint, little amount ofspan>Henna and Acalphaindica (குப்பைமேனி)should be dried and powdered.

Apply little of this mixed in milk on the face, let it stay for 20 minutes and

then have a bath. This will avoid prickly heat and sunburn.

Eyeswill look brighter if washed with 1 litre of warm water with two spoons of salt

mixed in that.

HighBlackness of knee and elbow will be removed by rubbing lemon juice and washing

with soap. Dry skin is cued by rubbing and soaking olive oil for sometime

before washing with soap.

Rubbingsmall pieces of apple on skin will remove oil stickiness.

Toremove easily hair on the face, apply a mixture of egg white, sugar, corn flour

on face and remove slowly after drying.

Applyingbuttermilk on face for 15 minutes and washing will make dry skin glow.

Ripebanana paste rubbed and left for 20 minutes on face followed by a wash will

make skin very soft.

Toremove sunburn, orange peel dried in sun and powdered, mixed with milk should

be applied on skin and washed after 30 minutes.

Mixmilk, powder of Bengal gram, Turmeric and sandal wood and apply on face before

bath. After bath the skin will look beautiful and shiny.

Coconutmilk mixed with one spoon of honey applied on face and massaged will make dull

skin look fresh.

Slicedtomato cut into two and rubbed on skin removes oiliness.

Fordry and wrinkled skin, apply olive oil and wash it with soap after sometime.

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