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6/1/2015 4:53 PM

Licorice (அதிமதுரம்) helps in Normal Delivery

licorice.jpgLicorice and grapes mixed and powdered in equal quantity and 100 gms mixed in water and milk given and given to women from day 1 of mensus for 5 days will help them to conceive.

If taken 3 months up to conceiving gives good results. To secrete more mother’s milk 1 gm. of Licorice mixed in milk and sweetened can be taken. This helps to secrete more milk and gives nutrition to children.

Licorice and zeera taken in equal quantity and powdered and 20 gms. of this boiled in 200 ml. of water reduced to 100 ml. and filtered can be taken in mornings for 3 days will stop excess bleeding before delivery.

Licorice and thevatharam powdered and taken 35 gms. each mixed with warm water can be given at the beginning of labor pain; twice will help normal delivery. This helps to cure related diseases and alleviates female infertility.