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5/29/2015 1:17 PM

Siriya Nangai and Periya Nangai


There are two great herbs namely, Siriya Nangai and Periya Nangai(சிறியா நங்கை, பெரியா நங்கை).These are very bitter in taste. This herb gives strength and beautifies body and is good for sugar problems. It is said that after biting the snake rolls on these herb to avoid poisoning it.

Snake bite and poisonous Scorpion bite can be cured by eating the ground leaves.

This removes the toxins in blood.

சிறியா நங்கை, பெரியா நங்கை are also astringents with medicinal value. They have medicinal qualities. They grow in Red and black soil These are herbal plants. Unlike neem leaves, these leaves do not have crisscross edges. It can be grown and harvested in 45 days. After six months leaves can be harvested and dried in the shade for 5 days and powdered to be used as medicine.

Left for more than 6 months it blooms with flowers and fruits of 1.5 to 2 cm. size. They burst to disperse seeds. The leaves  when chewed are bitter in taste.

This is an ayurvedic medicine. Good for making medicines for children. Also good for fever, worms, constipation, palpitation, diarrhea, pancreatic diseases and also diabetes.

Liver diseases can also be cured by this medicine, very good medicine for fever, liver diseases and jaundice. It also cures flu, sinuses and cold.

Very good medicine for malaria, very useful for cleaning blood. This is used as medicine for poisonous bites like snake bite and scorpion bite in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.